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IoT World Checklist: Start Prepping with these 10 Essential Items

Posted by Rebecca Haynes on Apr 28, 2016 12:00:00 PM

IoT World is fast approaching, and many in the industry know this event is not one to be missed. It’s one of the world’s largest IoT events and is being held this year in Santa Clara, May 10th – 12th. It includes a cutting edge speaker line-up, a superior program filed with topics like smart cities and the future of connected cars, not to mention a killer opportunity to accomplish some networking.

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Posted by Phil Nardone on Apr 27, 2016 12:53:35 PM

This is something I’ve touched upon in a previous post, but as PAN just celebrated 20 years of business in 2015, more and more I’m thinking about those early days in Andover. In the beginning, I had this vision of creating a firm that not only produced exceptional work and helped clients meet their goals, but an agency for people who were as passionate for their craft as I am. A place where people could grow their careers, without fear of office politics, and a place where company culture and employee opinions matter.

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11 Analysts Shaping the Discussion at The Internet of Things World

Posted by Lydia Fakhouri on Apr 25, 2016 2:50:37 PM

Even as the industry explodes, many of my friends(aka “mainstream consumers”) still ask me, “What is the Internet of Things?” I typically respond with the witty retort – “What is NOT the Internet of Things?” Interestingly enough, this explanation doesn’t always clear up the confusion.

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6 Insights on Twitter Analytics

Posted by Sasha Dookhoo on Apr 22, 2016 12:41:02 PM

Now more than ever brands are capitalizing on using social media analytics. Marketers are diving in to find insights on their customers, their product and even their competitors. The first step to uncovering this information is knowing which tools to use and how to use them strategically.

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How to Make HubSpot Your Best Friend (And Other Useful Inbound Marketing Tips)

Posted by Marissa Fellows on Apr 20, 2016 2:14:45 PM

As a fellow Cambridge resident, I have a particular affinity for HubSpot. There’s something fantastic about having a resource in my neck of the woods to nerd out with content and contacts, engagements and touchpoints: in other words, all things inbound. But proximity aside, there are some very real reasons why I have come to enjoy – and rely upon – my relationship with HubSpot.

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