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Hypermiling - Can you do it?

May 19, 2008 7:13:36 AM / by PAN Media

As of this typing, Wayne Gerdes is attempting to drive a Toyota Prius from Chicago to New York City on only one tank of gas. One tank of gas you question? Yes, as part of the CBS morning program, "The Early Show," Wayne Gerdes is trying to drive this car roughly 792 miles with only one fill up of a less than 12-gallon gas tank.

It's a great segment and ultimately will have valuable information (when he gets to NYC this evening) when facing gas prices estimated to rise above $4 per gallon within the week. Wayne Gerdes operates the blog, cleammpg.com, that is designed to help balance the environment and raise mileage per gallon - the term is called hypermiling. Hypermiling is not new, Mr. Gerdes ran a very thorough post on his site nearly two years ago about hypermiling with a very detailed "how to" that explains the concept.

As discussed during the program, hypermiling will definitely tick off other drivers, especially those in a rush, but it will save on fuel consumption considerably. When I purchased my Subaru several years ago, it cost $15 to fill the tank, today it's above $50 and rising. Crazy. So while I am interested in purchasing a larger SUV, the hypermiling makes me think twice about what vehicles I do want to drive and may even help me conserve should I get my larger vehicle.

We look forward to hearing what you have to say on the topic of hypermiling ... can you do it?

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