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Opportunity in the Downturn

Oct 19, 2009 9:53:51 AM / by Susan Frechette

Over the past two years, one of the major themes across all business publications has been the dismal state of the economy. Lessons learned articles with phrases like "How to XYZ in a Down Economy" have been flooding the headlines and executives who have weathered economic storms of the past have been sourced for their valuable experiences and advice.

Last week the Dow hit 10,000 and this propelled what began as a mumbling across the internet that the economy is on the rise, into a wave of optimism. Though there are many experts proclaiming that despite these sporadic glimmers of hope, the end is not near—there is no doubt that businesses are beginning to think about how to position themselves to succeed when today's economy does get back on track.

From a media standpoint, this has opened opportunities for businesses that have been able to weather not just storms of the past, but this storm, successfully. Recently, we have positioned a number of PAN clients for opportunities that went beyond their traditional trade publications to offer broader expertise in top tier business publications.

Recently, in her regular "Stand Out" column in SmartMoney, Diana Ransom tapped CEO Ryan Wuerch of Motricity for his strategies behind making and overcoming tough decisions to keep his company on top. Offering his perspective as a business owner, rather than an expert on mobile internet, provided an opportunity to reach a wider audience outside of those focusing solely on Motricity's industry.

In another SmartMoney article entitled "One Year Later: Lessons from the downturn," Tangoe, a company specializing in telecom expense management (TEM), a very niche space, was able to break out of the traditional conversations around TEM and connect with SmartMoney's audience in a more relatable way. For this opportunity, CEO Al Subbloie was able to highlight his company’s success over the past year and also further assert his leadership in the TEM industry and beyond. A topic from which many businesses can glean advice, the article was also included in the Wall Street Journal.

As we continue to have such a close eye on the economy, it is clear that media opportunities forward-thinking in nature, abound. Predictions and analysis on when we will climb out of this slump will continue and as they do, thinking about how clients can weigh in on the conversation from unique, but significant ways, will be key.

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